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The Singapore Single Cell Network (SSCN) is a network of single cell researchers focused on all aspects of the field, including single cell and spatial technologies, computational methods and applications to basic science and translation. SSCN started regular meetings in 2020 to provide a forum for researchers to discuss new publications, technologies, ideas, troubleshooting and other topics.

Join us on 03 December, 2021 as we celebrate the first anniversary of the SSCN! The virtual meeting will feature a keynote speaker and local speakers, technology presentations by sponsors and a panel discussion on grant funding and publishing in the single cell field.



(GMT +8:00)
0900-0910 Introduction & Welcome Message
Patrick Tan
0910-0950 Keynote Presentation
Single-cell Epigenomics Technologies and Applications in human disease research

Bing Ren
0950-1005 Dissecting stomach cancer using single-cell platforms
Patrick Tan

Single-cell and bulk omics reveals 2 epithelial cancer subtypes that underpin the molecular classification of colorectal cancer
Iain Tan

1020-1045 Panel Discussion 1: Publishing- Meet the Editors
Doaa Megahed, Tiago Faial
Session Chair: Shyam Prabhakar
1045-1100 Break & Videos from Sponsors
[Illumina Inc., NanoString Technologies, Becton Dickinson and Company (BD), 10x Genomics]
1100-1115 Dissecting the Molecular Basis of CML Treatment Heterogeneity through Single-Cell Analysis of diagnostic samples
Vaidehi Krishnan

Trajectory analysis of single-cell RNA-Seq identifies factors involved in immune escape in squamous cell cancers
Gopalakrishna Iyer

1130-1150 Technology Updates and Discussion: 10x Genomics, BD, NanoString Technologies and Illumina
1150-1205 Technology Discussion – Simultaneous Breakout rooms with NanoString Technologies, 10x Genomics, BD and Illumina
1205-1220 Single-cell histone modification analysis to study epigenetic heterogeneity and plasticity as a mechanism of tumor chemoresistance
Cheow Lih Feng
1220-1235 Integrative Analysis of Single-cell Transcriptomics with Multiplexed RNA Imaging for Mapping Autism Pathophysiology
Jinyue Liu
1235 -1300 Panel Discussion 2: Latest Trends, Funding, What Can We Do Together?
Session Chair: Shyam Prabhakar

Session Chair

Shyam Prabhakar

Head and founder of SSCN, Genome Institute of Singapore

Speakers and Panelists

Bing Ren


Iain Tan

NCCS, Singapore

Cheow Lih Feng

National University of Singapore

Patrick Tan

Duke-NUS and GIS

Jinyue Liu

Genome Institute of Singapore

Tiago Faial

Nature Genetics

Gopalakrishna Iyer

NCCS, Singapore

Vaidehi Krishnan

Duke-NUS, Singapore

Doaa Megahed

Nature Communications

Commercial Speakers

Marshall Feterl

NanoString Technologies

Anthony Beckhouse

Illumina APJ

Ivonne Petermann

10x Genomics

Keefe Chee

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)